Overworked & Worth it All

Overworked is not a reference I typically use.  I go for the more descriptive and dramatic words like “exhausted” when I am feeling overworked.

I’ve been a single mom most of my life.  Raising 3 sons almost completely by myself. Along with the exhaustion of single parenting, of bearing the burden of a task clearly designed for 2, I also chose to be a stay at home, work from home parent.  Thrust suddenly into single parenting when my husband left, I started my own online retail business as well as an in home daycare.  There were many nights I was up til 2 am packaging and shipping products, while the children slept.   Then up at 7 am to start it all over again.

Chauffeur, disciplinarian, hug & kiss giver, bread-winner, home maker, mom, dad, ( I claim both mothers and fathers day by the way!)  appointment maker, appointment keeper, homework nazi, project overseer, clean teeth checker, laundry maiden, tooth fairy, faith leader, manner teacher, “yes, please, thank you, God bless you!”Chief executive boo boo kisser, fever checking, doctor calling, on call in case school calls, driving instructor (God help me!), “Sure I’ll jump on the trampoline with you(get the poise pads)”fun participator, grocery shopping, dinner planning, sandwich maker, lunch packer, not too much time on electronics watcher, story reader,  faith leader, mother tucker in-er, etc.  You get the idea.  #DomesticGoddess ha

I need a nap just recalling it all!

With the beautiful, yet busy days of small children well behind me now ( you start calling them beautiful after they are behind you) I am enjoying the evolution of changing relationships with my 2 oldest being grown and out on their own.


My God has been gently preparing me for new chapters.  Old dreams and desires fires are being rekindled to where I have time and energy to pursue them once again.  I dream about them often (when I take a much-needed nap) and many are beginning to come true.

Yes, I was overworked.  Yes, I prayed for help in a tangible human being to show up, but that was not the plan.  It has only been by the grace of God that I was able to run this race set before me.  He was and continues to be the Ultimate Provider of all my needs and the needs of my sons.

There were many many days of sneaking off to the bathroom to cry in private because I didn’t understand and I raged against His plan.  Many nights I’d cry myself to sleep in the isolation that can be single parenting.

Through it all I have come to know God.  Perhaps that is the most important part of the Plan?    Perhaps all the exhaustion and feeling overworked were in fact the perfect amount?  For it was there I learned of my great need, my terrific lack.  To humble myself and cry out “God, help me!”

This post has taken a trajectory away from ‘overworked’ necessarily so. It reminds me of the perfect Plan and that it was worth it all to bring me to the Foot of the Cross & relationship with Christ Jesus.

via Daily Prompt: Overworked


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