Oh how I’ve longed to be invited.  The birthday parties in elementary school.  The dances in junior high.  Fancy dinner parties.  A date.  Church. Etc.

We all long to be seen and to be known and to be loved for who we really are, but how can we been seen and known and loved for who we really are when it seems so few of us even know who we really are?

I sought my identity in the throes of the world. It offered so many choices. It swore I could be anything I wanted to be.

Who I was got lost inside those persuasive and attractive lies.

Wearing a mask that grew into an identity that exhausted me in keeping up the facade.

Only learning who I was when the mask was torn off and I surrendered fractured pieces to God.

Now I find my identity in who He says I am.

And suddenly I am on the greatest guest list on both sides of eternity!

Invited to a future and a hope, designed & purposed for me.invited

via Daily Prompt: Invitation


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