Via Tenth Avenue North

Shortly after I had met Jesus Christ,  I began feeling  a strong conviction, like never before to be all in or all out.  Conviction that I was walking with one foot very firmly planted in the world and only occasionally dipping my baby toe in the Kingdom pools when it suited me.

It was 2010 when I made the decision to be all in.  It was then I became very intentional about listening to christian music.  I fasted completely from secular music for quite some time.

WJTL in Lancaster, PA. was the station I started listening too.  The music and song lyrics were ministering to me powerfully as I began this commited journey with Jesus.

One song in particular was “You are More” by Tenth Avenue North. It  seemed to tell my story.

       “There’s a girl in the corner,  With tear stains on her eyes. From the places she’s wandered, and        the shame she can’t hide.. She says ‘How did I get here?  I’m not who I once was..”

Being a rock n roller in my previous life, I had been to a ton of concerts. Imagine my surprise when I began hearing on the radio that christian bands played concerts too.  Low and behold “Tenth Avenue North” would be coming to Hershey in the fall and I wanted to go!

I mentioned going to the concert to several of my bible study friends and as folks often do, they all seemed excited until it was time to buy tickets.   Then it was crickets.

No one would commit to going and the day of the concert had arrived.  I had not purchased a ticket.  I had no one to go with and I was admitedly pissed about it.

That Friday afternoon, at 2:15 pm, I was outside  pulling weeds to prep my gardens for winter.  Down on my knees in the dirt I was having it out with God.  I told him:  “Look Lord, I really wanted to go see that band tonight and not one person would commit to going with me. Now the day is here, I don’t have anyone to go with, no money to buy a ticket and I’m tired of complaining about it.  I don’t even know if I could still buy tickets? I;m releasing it too you because I can’t hold it anymore!  If it is your will that I should be at the concert tonight, well you are going to have to make a way.”

With that, I released it as tears of surrender ran down my cheeks.

For the next hour, I didn’t even think about the concert, my disappoint in my friends or anything else.  I just pulled weeds.

At 3:15 I washed my hands and headed out to the bus stop to meet my youngest son.  Each day I would stop at the mailbox, grab the mail and walk to greet him.  As I reached in the mailbox, my cell phone rang.  I pulled the phone out of my back pocket and saw the name.

It was someone I didn’t really want to talk too, so I immediatly thought of my response when he would ask “Hey are you busy?”  “uh, yeah, I am.  I am on my way to get Thomas from the school bus.”  And here was my out.  So I answered the call.

“Hello?”  playing inquisitive,  “Hey Miss Pamela, How are you, do you have a minute?”  Uh yeah, I am good, busy. Heading to the bus stop. Whats up?”

Phil began telling me about how he had received an email earlier that morning and that he had a buddy that worked for Hershey Entertainment.. The friend had a chance to get tickets.  There was a concert that night.. three bands, “I don’t know if you have ever heard of Third Day, but they are playing and a couple of other bands…and anyway, my friend got 4 tickets for tonight. I am sorry it is so last minute.  He and I are going, and you may have 2 tickets so it won’t be awkward… you can bring a friend.  No strings attached.”

I stopped walking and was fully engaged in listening as tears began streaming down my face.  I realized Phil was talking about the  concert that Tenth Avenue North would be playing that night in Hershey.

While Phil explained why it was so late in the day that he was calling, he said that he felt God told him to “Invite Pam Cruz” when he got the email that morning, but he didn’t want to call me.   Then  after my name was brought to his mind repeatedly that day, he decided he’d better call and invite me.  Thats when I shared with him  my prayer of surrender that I’d prayed only an hour earlier out in the garden.

God had began answering my prayer before I even prayed it.  Tenth Ave

That night when I got to the concert.  We were in the club level seating and I sat in the second row worshipping God with thousands of others in utter awe!  I had no idea such a thing existed!  People with their hands up high publicly praising the King of Kings!

Tenth Avenue North was ah-ma-zing! I was giddy of course! I wept.  I laughed.  I clapped and praised God.

After Tenth Avenue North was finished playing,  I could have left. I was content!  Then I ran into a friend of mine who had been volunteering as a runner for the  radio station.  She shared excitedly  “I was just in catering and I saw Mac Powell.”  To which I responded  “Who is Mac Powell?”

That answered prayer has changed so much in my life.    Stay tuned there is so much more to this amazing God story.

Third day Pam 3

Why Not Believer


2 thoughts on “Via Tenth Avenue North

  1. Pam, I’m glad you are putting your ‘God story’ on a blog. He has given you a gift of writing. I love hearing about Him showing up at just the right time. We know that his timing is not always the same as ours, but it is always right. He is faithful. Keep pressing in to Him. =)

  2. Pam your story and experience is awesome. I’m so happy you got to go to this concert. You have inspired me to remember to take notice of my prayers and pray boldly. I love 10th Avenue North and this used to be me too, “Being a rock n roller in my previous life, I had been to a ton of concerts.”

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