Right On Time

While pulling into my driveway last Saturday after returning from brunch with a friend,  I noticed a whole lot of bird activity in my neighbors tree.  Upon closer inspection, I realized the birds were Robins.

“Look at all those Robins” I said as I pointed them out. “I love seeing Robins at this time of year.  It gives me hope.  Gosh, they are really early this year”  I excitedly observed.

To which my friend responded  “I was actually thinking that they were very late.”

We were both looking at the same scene, yet we saw it thru two very different lenses. After sharing our contrasting arguements, we shared a pretty darn good laugh!

As someone who has suffered with Seasonal Affective Disorder for the last 20 years,  I needed to see the hope of warmer days coming sooner than later. Hence my seeing the Robins as ‘early.’   She, on the other hand was just curiously wondering why they, the Robins hadn’t flown south for the winter yet.

Clearly these birds were NOT going anywhere.  I didn’t see one suitcase!

Sure, I could have easily ‘Googled’ it,  certain to discover a perfectly logical or scientific explanation as to why Robins are still here in south central Pennsylvania in the middle of January.  As a self proclaimed science geek, normally I would welcome devouring this sort of information.

Not this time.

This time, I chose to cling to my ‘glass half full’ optimism that I’ll need to carry me through the impending winter,  towards the hope and warmth of spring.

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

The Robins’ aren’t late!  They’re right on time!

Now where is my sunscreen?


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