The Lion and the Lambs July 30, 2015

The headlines we are shown are usually designed to instill our fear and our anger.  To get something that is instinctual inside us to move in some way.  A sort of fear based control of the masses. Designed to stir these emotions, which often leave us feeling helpless or stir us to angry outbursts on social media and then hopelessness in our perceived helplessness.  Who are we to do anything about these great injustices?

Our secondary emotion is usually anger and for me that anger often hides behind my own huge feelings of helplessness and my seeing myself as tiny, inefectual even.

That is not the truth however.  I am only one, but not tiny in voice and I have something to say.

Several years ago, before I pulled the plug on cable T.V. I used to watch “Animal Cops” on Animal Planet. I would get the kids in bed, believing I was watching something wholesome. Instead what was happening was that each night I would go to bed pissed off in disbelief of what human beings were capable of doing to such helpless and love filled creatures!

After a few weeks, as I sorted through these extreme emotions, It began to dawn on me that I was getting so enraged about the horrific neglect and abuse of helpless animals, while all around me this same horror was happening to human beings. To helpless children.  I knew of these horrors first hand as a day care assistant to a brave women who willingly opened her home and her heart to provide day care to the Local Children and youth agency, and also foster and adopt many of these children herself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and no living creature should experience abuse at the hands of a human. But for me, I struggle so much, sitting on my couch upset about these helpless animals, and doing little.  What good is my anger and frustration if I don’t allow it too be used to usher in a change?

Todays headlines are brimming with Cecil the Lion and while that story is inarguably atrocious, even more so in my humble opinion is what is happening at Planned Parenthood.  I struggle to comprehend haow we are so incensed as human beings to plead the cause of this lion yet be ok with the fact that this has now shoved Planned Parenthood’s abominations right out of the headlines.

Look, I get what Planned Parenthood claims to be and do.  But lets call it what it is. It’s a billion dollar a year money making ABORTION industry. Since Roe V. Wade passed in January 1973, over 56,500,000 legal, medical procedure abortions have been performed in the United States alone.  Sadly, my aborted child(ren) are part of that number.

Perhaps that is why I am so infuriated today.  Knowing that what is being sold to me/us/the masses via their media agenda and taught in our public school system as a “ball of tissue” aka: my baby, was/is now being sold as aborted baby body parts?! What?  Oh the convenience of calling it in different forms in order to make them the most money.

The convenient lies I believed.  It isn’t a baby, it’s a ‘ball of tissue’ sure makes it easier to abort. Then the “tissue ball” conveniently turns back into a baby when it comes to butchering it up as parts to make money?  Then I struggle to wrap my brain around the social media frenzy over this lion Cecil as opposed to a government-funded agency peddling aborted baby pieces?

Are we even awake any longer?

Look, I have owned the responsibility and bear the weight of having chosen abortion. I believed the media.  I believed the lie of convenience. That I could choose to terminate my pregnancy quickly and no one would ever have to know. That I could decided who lives and who dies and that I could simply resume my life.  That decision is not so cut and dry. Yet, if the true facts had been laid before me, I may have chosen differently.  I may not have.  I can’t go back and say either way and the point is, the truth, complete facts were not presented to me in that abortion clinic.

Moving forward I can tell you experientially that abortion claims more than the life of a baby.  It claimed my life as well that day.   Sure I went on “living” but I was not alive. I was going thru the motions and at the same time I was just surviving, I lost me.  That day, on that cold abortion table, a young girl sat her hopes and dreams down and picked up drugs, alcohol, promiscuity. All things designed to keep me numb as I ran.

The trauma from abortions is not typically talked about. The truth of what it may rob from a mother’s heart. Now today I watch in horror as a waking nightmare becomes worse. This money-making machine is selling aborted baby parts.

As a federally funded, government supported company, these most recent findings should demand proper investigation and require complete transparency.  This requires an enormous public outcry.  We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from this issue by Cecil the lion, when Cecile* (yes that’s actually her name) the president of Planned Parenthood roams free.

The first Amendment of the United States of America affords and protects our right to freedom of speech.  We are alive during times where social media offers each of us the opportunity and platform to be influential in our spheres. What has happened to Cecil the lion deserves our outcries also, please hear me on this, it was wrong. I am simply suggesting that each one of us would check our hearts and channel our passionate energies into effecting change that protects the dignity and inviolability of human life first.

The Lion should have never been hunted for sport. He was illegally sold and beheaded for his parts and the public outcry is being heard. Cecil the lion has many standing in the gap, speaking for his life being wrongly taken.

And the  lambs of abortion. Where is our deafening public outcry for those innocent human lives being ended and sold for their parts?  Please don’t allow our eyes and hearts to be moved more towards a creature then the ones created in the Image of God.

***The current president of Planned Parenthoods name is ironically ‘Cecile” ***


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