Fakebook- A Spoken Word

Reality is so much better then Facebook.

We get together and I can see.. How your eyes look

It’s just so easy to throw a crumb by clicking “Like”

And Fake that it’s all right,

Cause then you don’t make time for me tonight.

But I need more then likes and status checks.

I need to know that someone really cares

Enough to pick up the phone

To hear my voice and check on me

Reality to see

If I’m ok.

Can we spare the time in this crazy day

To sit down with one another

To show love out to my brothers?

I don’t want to see you “liking” everything I do or say

Its just a lazy way

And now I know how little time you have for me

Its plain to see.. A painful reality

That you and me may never be that friendly.

Inside my heart this fire starts

That all this fake connection is disconnecting me … from you

And pushing us apart

And whoa your list of friends it grows

And now everybody knows your business

You “check in” to show how ‘good’ you are

Yet hide the things that you decide

You live a lie.. and Facebook helps perpetuate your myth.

I’d rather see you in the flesh

I try my best

For face to face instead of photos

How bout a hug

And time to spend

I don’t feel like your “closest’ friend

I feel left out.

*There’s nothing special about being one of your five hundred Facebook friends.*

Get off my page… You stalking me

And choices you make are haunting me

If you want to know how I am

Pick up the phone and call me friend.

Cause I don’t need a friend like you

Who takes for granted, what and who I am.

Yeah, I want more then this disconnect

the hole that social medias left

What we choose to project

Can be a lie … and then whats left?

Your truth and mine

Be careful now, you’ve crossed a line

There is no going back

Unfriend… Denied

Pam Cruz Feb. 23, 2013


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