The Good Life

I catch myself staring
Often comparing
Discontent with my lot.
Wanting the stuff that they’ve got.

It seems they have a better life.
A bigger house, a prettier wife
A daddy that comes home each night
No one yells, no one fights.

Its an illusion created by my enemy
Designed to steal my destiny
To keep me bound
When I’ve been freed.

Manicured and weed free lawn
Flowers blooming and everyone
Drools and covets as they walk by
Picture perfect projects outside.

Inside the perfect house
The children cry
Daddys drunk and mommy has to hide
He throws punches with words and fists
No one should have to live like this.

While down the street
Weed covered lawn strewn with toys,
A single mom struggles to raise three boys
No one bothers to stop and say
“How are you doing, are you ok?”
“Can we help in some way?”

She pushes back the sleeves
On her yard sale sweater
Dries her tears, cause she knows better.

She once cowered in a perfect palace.
Filled with rage, violence and malice
Alcohol helped to drown the pain
But she’s not going back again.

It ain’t about the size of the house
The fancy car, the bank account.
In her humble home there’s peace and love.
Jesus is the Cornerstone
Her now sober life is built upon.

Kids are safe
They grow secure
Knowing God is what matters more
Then all the riches of this world

The Good life’s not found in things
But in all that Gods love brings.


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