Grace- Its not what I thought

Lately I have been hearing and reading, what to me seem like some radical thoughts on grace. Which of course got me thinking deeper into grace, Gods grace. I want to challenge myself and my reader with a couple of these thoughts.

First, what if we were to embrace, like radically, joyfully embrace our present circumstance as if it were the greatest thing that’s happened to us so far in our lives? To throw down and turn from all sadness, fear, discontent and instead act as if we had just won the “God Lottery?” Is it so engrained in us, the picture perfect, cookie cutter, what we think it ‘should’ look like flesh existence that when grace shows up, we don’t recognize it as grace and automatically take it as a bad thing? An inconvenient thing or an unpleasant thing, when in fact it may just be the answer to our prayers? What if our blessings, i.e. Gods grace, looks nothing like what we pigeon hole it too look like? What if the answered prayer, the cry of our hearts, the wish to have our hearts desires shows up in a 2 lb package wearing wires, needing oxygen and barely clinging to life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and demanding more from us then we believe we are capable of? What if we are so busy ‘feeling’ disappointed in what we are looking at that we forget to “Delight ourselves in the Lord (psalm 37:4)?”  Scripture says “if we delight ourselves in Him, He WILL give us the desires of our heart. What if our dreams are coming, our prayers being answered, our desires on their way, but we are not delighting ourselves in Our God and His promises because we are humanly afraid? And we are afraid or fearful because of nothing God did, but afraid because during our lives, your life and my life, we stepped out of Gods perfect will for us and now we use that, almost completely self imposed pain from our experiences as our yard stick to measuring what is immeasurable in Gods economy? Instead of overflowing love and grace and trust and faith, we see through broken hearts and tear filled eyes and completely miss Him?!? What if we danced in delight at exactly what we have been given? What if we sang and worshipped and bragged about our circumstances instead of confirming what this world says of them? What if we are blocking our own funnel of Gods promised joy because we don’t want it too look like this?  What if its all smothered in Gods grace?

If we were able to look through the book of our lives and see how this, our current circumstance turns out in 5, 10, 20 years.. and know that it would be greater then we could have ever imagined, How differently would we be celebrating today? How differently would our daily song sound? How much time does the enemy steal from us because we don’t celebrate what God has ordained as blessing upon blessing upon blessing? What if our present circumstance is sparing us from the affair we may have chosen? The addiction we thought we had kicked? What if this grace is Gods perfect will answering our nightly cries to fix the marriage so badly broken beyond recognition?

We don’t know the number of our days, but this life is short and Jesus came to give us peace, hope, and joy in abundance. We sure don’t live in that abundance. We live in Satan’s conceived poverty. And its a lie! Everything I once held dear, I count it all as lost!! Lets not offer the enemy one more second, one more minute of our lives wrapped in his misery where we ignore those places before us because we are preoccupied with perceived sorrows. When in fact they are fresh mercies flowing down into Gods seed planted within us. Lets allow the Son Shine on them! Amen Amen


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